Trompetenmundstück Lotus 2L Brass

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Our newly redesigned L cup completely eviscerates every other brand’s C-cup equivalent. 


Classical & Jazz superheroes to novices all agree:  For the vast majority of 1¼ to 7C players, this mouthpiece is IDEAL.  They’ve all fallen instantly in love with the gorgeous spectrum of tone colors and it’s auto-pilot intonation and slotting, capable of producing the sweetest whisper or most frightening roar; both regal and nasty; with no-brainer targets.  (See our Artists page for an ever-growing “Who’s Who” of Classical and Jazz stars who are in love with this mouthpiece.)  


Another huge difference compared to similar cups from other brands is how shockingly open and easy your upper register becomes. For Classical players this means there’s no need to switch to something shallower for more extreme circumstances and/or piccolo playing. For improvisers, you’ll be able to take bigger risks with greater confidence. 


Making your life and ours this much easier was a very time-consuming and frankly, a very expensive endeavor, but we’ve succeeded.  You’re going to LOVE this mouthpiece, and from the first notes, it’ll be clear you’re never going back to that old C cup again.  🎉 ✨🍾  You’re very welcome.


  • Maximum flexibility

  • Wide projection

  • Rich, full-bodied sound


Great for:

  • Small-group Jazz playing

  • Orchestral playing

  • Anytime your goal is to fill the room

Brass is a safe choice; a sure bet.  Its playing qualities are straight down the middle of the road and sonically



For plenty of people, and particular jobs, it's still the optimal choice.  You can't go wrong here.

Comparison info: (Available in rim sizes 1, 2, 3, 7 in Brass, Bronze or Nickel Silver)
1L = Bach 1 1/4C, GR 67.4, Monette B2-S3, Reeves 43.5CS, Schilke 16C, Warburton 3MD, Yamaha 15B4
2L = Bach 3C,  GR 3M/66M, Monette B4S1, Reeves 43CS, Schilke 14C, Warburton 4MD, Yamaha 14D4
3L = Bach 5C, GR 65MX, Monette B5, Reeves 42CS, Schilke 13C, Warburton 5MD, Yamaha 13C4
7L = Bach 7C, GR 64L, Monette B7, Reeves 41DS, Schilke 11D, Yamaha 11D4

  • THROAT SIZE: L = 3.9mm (Between Bach #23-24 a.k.a."Symphonic")

                                  LHC = 3.7mm (Between Bach #26-27)

Ideal for:

  • A player who wants the cup depth of a 1 1/4C but needs a more narrow rim diameter of our 2,3 or 7

  • Orchestral players who want a broad sound but need just a bit of help reaching the upper register

  • Jazz soloists who find the XL2 to be too deep but still want a full and warm and round tone


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